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Traditional analytics tools are like March Madness brackets - you plan, you wait, and hope you made the right choices. Heap takes a better approach - retroactively analyze your user behavior. Get a demo before April 6th, and enter your bracket in our pool for a chance to win $10,000.

Don’t you wish you could retroactively update your March Madness bracket? 

The odds you plan your March Madness bracket correctly is 1 in 9.2 quintillion. Don’t gamble with your business the same way you gamble with your Final Four. Instead, take a better approach to user analytics. Learn how Heap’s innovations empower companies like Microsoft, Esurance, and ThirdLove to make better decisions faster. 

How does Heap do it?

Autocapture: Automatically capture every click, tap, swipe, form change, and more without developer resources.

Retroactivity: Don’t get stuck when new questions arise. Heap enables you to create new events and instantly analyze a complete dataset, back to day 1.

Actionable Insights: Our analytics UI enables your team to get answers faster—without waiting for SQL experts or data to be collected. 

Managed ETL: Integrate your behavioral data downstream in your data warehouse or data lake without building or maintaining pipelines. Power company dashboards, build an integrated customer 360, and power machine learning initiatives with a complete, retroactive set of behavioral data.

"Heap is the only data tool that I've ever used that just worked out of the box, which was shocking during our proof of concept."

Matt Gomes, Director of Marketing

2019 Heap Inc.

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